Control Systems Integration (CSI) provides the highest level of electrical service in every stage of construction. CSI has the skills, knowledge and experience to provide our clients with quality craftsmanship in a timely manner. Our projects include:

  • Construction for Commercial & Industrial Facilities
  • Electrical Maintenance, Repair & Restoration of Existing Facilities
  • Office/Warehouse Finish Out
  • Cooler/Freezer Ammonia Compressor & Controls Electrical Installations
  • Lighting Retrofit to new Energy Efficient Fixtures
  • Food Processing & Packaging Power & Control Wiring
  • DeviceNet, ControlNet, Fieldbus, & Ethernet wiring
Control Systems Integration is one of the few electrical contractors that understand advanced PLC control systems. From communication cabling to VFD installations, Control Systems Integration is a company that you can have confidence in. Your wiring will be installed properly. CSI has over 19 years of production and process wiring with complete customer satisfaction.
Commercial Electrical Services
More and more commercial builders and owners choose to rely on their electrical contractor for total build responsibility because it gives them greater input and control. Single source responsibility also makes it much simpler for them to make changes as needed.

Control Systems Integration is a design/build electrical contractor. We provide the maximum impact on electrical systems' quality, efficiency and economy. The systems and components that CSI designs include power, lighting, emergency backup power, and control. The result is a more efficient, economical way to accomplish the intent of the design and also reduces the number of changes needed during construction.

CSI has worked on a wide range of commercial and industrial projects, so you can be sure that we will be able to provide the system capability, efficiency and timing that you are looking for. 
Thermography Services
Thermographic scans of equipment are non-contact, nondestructive surveys. Unlike an arbitrary system torque and lighting procedure, a thermographic scan does not require our customers to de-energize equipment, preventing losses in production and/or increases in payroll from having to schedule the procedure during overtime hours.

With thermal imaging we can:

  • Locate electrical issues in switchboards, panels, bus duct, safety switches, lighting contactors and transformers.
  • Locate overheating motors, pulleys, bearings, gear boxes and belts on equipment.
  • Locate issues with under floor heating systems.
  • Locate bearing failures in conveyor systems.
  • Locate air duct leaks in heating systems.